Seed Run 25th April 2024

We come together at Seed Run to share. Life in startup land can be hard and lonely. “Success” can be like a mirage, and pursuing it can feel foolhardy. BUT, everyone at Seed Run understands that. They have either been there, they are there right now, or they will be there soon.

I am hugely grateful for this community. It lifts me every month. On Thursday last week, we had Mark White teaching us how to Run Grateful. What a lovely man. Mark has an open invite to lead out a Grateful Run whenever he can make it.

I was also incredibly grateful for Kyle Richards' help at the event. He interviewed Natalie Weil, Old Street Ventures; Hannah Baynham, Haboo; and Alice Walsh, Lineup Polo. You can read all about it on our Runner Wall.

Finally, thank you everyone who donated to Dima’s He is well on his way to being able to purchase Seed Runner 2.

We have a date for the next Seed Run: 13th June. Get it in your diary. Details to follow: thinking drinks in the park.

See you in June. Can’t wait.


Natalie Weil

Co-founder, Old Street Ventures

opening access to the world of venture capital

Hannah Baynham

Co-founder, Haboo

Goodbye debt, hello financial freedom

Alice Walsh

Co-Founder, CEO Lineup Polo

Making Polo digital

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