Seed Run results

Seed Run is my favourite night of the month. I guess it is the combination of endorphin release, alcohol and sharing the weird and wonderful journey of starting a business. I always wake up happy after a Seed Run night.

Thursday was a beautiful, fresh evening full of possibilities. I had always thought we’d take a break for the winter, but, once you start, there is nothing better than getting out running on a winter’s evening.

We started off at a gentle pace as our previous winners Ed, Will and Orlando were all injured (at least I assume it must have been injury as why else would they not be there?). Little did we know we had an international athlete in the form of Yonatan Malka in our midst (8th in the 2009 Triathlon Asia Cup). After politely adopting the pace of the front group, Yonatan tore through the field and cruised in 1st at a leisurely (for him) 4min/km.

A special shout out for Dima Pimakhov (Go Solo) who came all the way from Brighton. He saw we were raising money for Ukraine and as Dima is from Kiev, he wanted to make the effort to join us. On that note, well done everyone: we raised £450 for the $1K PROJECT which connects donors directly with Ukrainian families impacted by the war.

Thank you to everyone who came along and took part, and to Stride.VC and SVB for sponsoring drinks.

Have a great break over Christmas. We will be back out running towards the end of January. Look out for the email. Looking forward to catching up with you all then.

Seed Run results!

Yonatan Malka 1
Henry Yates 2
Antoine Rondelet 3
Oliver Bennett 4
Fred Destin 5
Samuel Carter 6
Laura Normand 7
Rob H 8
Tony Sarkis 10
Ben Kaye 11
Fabio Fenton 12
Dima Pimakhov 13
Samuel Ellis 14
Alex Threipland 15
Dersim Avdar 17
Daniel Nyambe 18
James Lamming 18
Tim Gordon 18

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