Seed Run results

Well done Seed Runners, we raised £1,330 for the $1K PROJECT which connects donors directly with Ukrainian families impacted by the war. Thank you to everyone who came along and took part, and those that generously donated, particularly Fred and the Stride.VC team.

The women’s race was particularly competitive this time round. Well done to Lina Zakarauskaite (Stride) and Mia Williams (SVB) who came in together. In the men’s race we saw the return of Ed Roberts (Seed Legals) who was pushed all the way to the line by Mateus Gomes (SalaryFits), both coming in under 20 minutes.

Obviously Seed Run would not be the same without a few people getting lost. Good effort those that did 2 laps of Regent’s Park Inner Circle in addition to the full route, you earned your beer! All ideas on better route communication gratefully received (e.g. share a Strava route), and come to think about it any/all feedback would be greatly appreciated. Email Henry at

After much consultation in The Volunteer, we feel that Seed Run is only just getting started. Founders push through in all conditions and that’s why we love to run when winter starts to set in. The next one will be at 5pm on Thursday 1st December (Regent’s Park again) with Stride.VC and SVB jointly sponsoring. Details to follow, but get it in your diary!

Seed Run results!

Men   Place   Women   Place




Zakarauskaite 1st=
Mateus Gomes 2nd   Mia Williams 1st=
Rob Hodkinson 3rd   Georgina Gallagher 3rd
Henry Yates 4th   Emily Williams 4th


5th   Emma Bursnell-Mooney 5th
Nicholas Richards 6th        
Oliver Bennett 7th        
Fred Destin 8th        
Ben Kaye 9th        
Lodovico Sella 10th        
Connor Brooks 11th        
Tom Barltrop 12th        
Jon Chapman 13th        
Murray Porritt 14th        
Rascim Khattak 15th        
Dersim Avdar 16th        
Debesh Mandal 17th        
Vasily Alekseenko 18th        
Will Walsh 19th        
Sam Beaney 20th        
Samuel Ellis 21st        

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