Runner Interview

Mark Long

Founder NUMI

We exist to raise the bar when it comes to recruitment.

Can you give a brief introduction about yourself?
I'm Mark Long. I am the co-founder of Noomi and Noomi search Ventures. We exist to raise the bar when it comes to recruitment. We appoint C suite and c-suite minus one executives globally.
What inspired you to become an entrepreneur/startup founder?
My dad. My dad was an entrepreneur. I watched how hard he worked but I also saw the return that he got and the ability to live the life the way that he chose to live his life. I think I'm a little bit of a black sheep. I like to do things my way.
Can you describe your startup in a single sentence?
We exist to raise the bar when it comes to recruitment.
How did the idea for your business come about?
I'll talk about the name, the name is Numi which represents the creation of a new me and we wanted something that could take on a life of its own, was four letters, wasn't an actual real word, but looked really cool. NUMI.
What's the most unique aspect of your solutional or business model?
Our network.
What's the most challenging aspect of building your business?
You’d have thought 3 people, having spent their business lives interviewing and building teams, would have known one of the hardest lessons in business is the human dynamics between company owners. We’ve always adopted a radical candour policy and that’s helped us so much.
What's the most valuable lesson you've learnt from building your business?
After every mountain peak you’ve climbed, you soon realise you’re at the bottom of the next mountain, my learning is to just keep going, day by day, step by step. And always be ready to change and adapt.
How do you manage your work life balance?
i'm a gemini twin. I'm hot and cold on, and off. I'm always on but when I'm off I’m off.
What's the next big milestone for your business?
One of our co-founders is relocating to Dubai early next year, so it's the internationall expansion.
What advice would you give to aspiring on entrepreneur?
Ensure that you're running towards something and not running away from something,
Any ideas on how to improve Seed Run?
I don't know actually, I really like it.
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