Runner Interview

Don Ladell

Founder, Spyder Studios

We build houses through tech to solve the housing crisis.

Can you give a brief introduction about yourself?
My name is Donald Ladell. I'm a multiple founder. I have a boat building company but at the same time we've been working on a housing startup for the last 8 years.
What inspired you to become an entrepreneur/startup founder?
What inspired me? I think because I couldn't think of a better idea.
What problem does your startup aim to solve?
The global housing crisis.
Can you describe your startup in a single sentence?
We build houses through tech to solve the housing crisis.
How did the idea for your startup come about?
Basically we came about over years of working in the industry. Identifying the problem and identifying the solution and we've working on it ever since.
What's the most unique aspect of your solution or business model?
The unique aspect is it we will be the only person or company in the world to be doing it.
What’s the most challenging aspect of building your startup?
Probably the complexity and the time scales that it takes to build it.
How have you overcome obstacles and challenges in your journey so far?
Persistence. The single word. Singularly persistence.
What's the most valuable lesson you've learned as a founder?
Just don't give up
How do you manage work-life balance, especially with the demands of a startup?
That is very, very relevant. I have three children and a wife that think I don't manage it very well. So yeah, I balance it by just working longer hours, making sure that I'm there for my family in the day and then making sure that I do whatever I need to do workwise after that's done. It’s a stretch.
What’s the next big milestone for your startup?
What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs or startups?
Think about a very, very careful before you embark upon it because it's a long road at times.
Any ideas on how we could improve Seed Run?
Oh no, just keep doing it!
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