Runner Interview

Milorad Doljanin

Founder, Setyl

Setyl provides a platform for companies to keep track of which equipment and licences have been provided to each of their staff

Can you give a brief instruction about yourself?
I am Milorad, I am one of the co-founders at Setyl. I’ve been there 3 years. Before that I spent my career in the energy sector.
What inspired you to become an entrepreneur/startup founder?
After so many years working in carbon-based, fuels, I realised that they were part of the problem and not part of the solution. So I wanted to move away from that. The opportunity came up to join a company that I had invested in.
What problem does your startup aim to solve?
Setyl provides a platform for companies to keep track of which equipment and licences have been provided to each of their staff. That has become more and more of an issue as companies are cost conscious and have also been trying to reduce their carbon impact.
How did the idea for your startup come about?
This was a problem that both my business partner and I had seen through the various roles that with we'd been involved with. So it seemed like an obvious solution.
What's the most unique aspect of your solution or business model?
We're trying to solve both physical asset management and licence management on a single platform. There are other solutions but Setyl’s unique feature is it's intuitive approach.
What’s the most challenging aspect of building your startup?
It's a very broad platform. There's a lot of design and development work before we get to an MVP. So it's trying to balance the build while getting enough revenue on the customer side to engage investors.
How have you overcome obstacles and challenges in your journey so far?
We've had a very good set of advisors throughout the journey who’ve helped us identify solutions to some of the issues we’ve encountered.
What's the most valuable lesson you've learned as a founder?
That the advice that you get may not be right for you at the time that it's given. So you need to sift through that and see whether it's the right thing for you and that stage of your journey.
How do you manage work-life balance, especially with the demands of a startup?
I've tried to move my job close to my home to reduce the commuting time.
What’s the next big milestone for your startup?
Reaching 10 million of ARR by the end of 2026.
What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs or startups?
Try, try and try again. Also, none of the issues are difficult to solve if you apply your attention to that issue.
Any ideas on how we could improve Seed Run?
No, I think it has just the right sort of balance at the moment.
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